Ron I. Jones

New Website Under Construction!

Give me a little time as I shift gears and jumpstart my retirement and new direction.

Details below if you want to reach me in the meantime.

Telling tales, writing stories & painting...

After 40 years as a profressional storyteller I have slowed down...but only a little! I've still got

 more stories to tell, stories to write, and paintings to paint.


1974 to 2000

A pubilc librarian, a library administrator and a library consultant

May 2000 to 2018

A professional storyteller, workshop leader, speaker

2018 to present

Slowing down a bit...but keeping my  options open!

Slowing down but still more to do!

I traveled the east coast, Canada and Mexico telling stories. But now I'm focusing more on writing and painting. But I've still got stories to tell if the time, and place, and audience is right. With two CD's for children behind me, I'm still playing guitar and singing and telling tales for all ages- young and old alike and all in between.